If you get a good idea, why wait, and if the finished product by far exceeds your expectations why not share it with as many as possible?

Anchorless is a 6-piece band out of Copenhagen, absolutely not meant to be spending numerous hours in the rehearsal-room finding and adjusting its sound and expression. Quite on the contrary the band has in less than a year gone from a rough idea to having an EP ready for release and a European tour plugged into the schedule. A tour, which has been assembled with only one song on MySpace to show off for themselves and which in May and April, will offer shows in Germany, France, Luxembourg, Austria and Czech amongst others.

Anchorless consists of members from a series of well-respected Danish bands, both active and inactive, such as Lack, The River Phoenix and The Fashion, but this new constellation doesn’t carry any comparison to those. The musical direction derives from simple, guitar-angled song-structures with a declared focus on straightforwardness and strong, yet particular melodies. Stylistically the band lends from rock, pop, indie and even punk to occasionally stir up things. Anchorless is music with the same naivety as The Shins, the same melodiousness as The Weakerthans and the same held back wildness as Ted Leo.

The band’s self-titled EP will be released on the 23rd of April on 12” vinyl via PonyRec, who is also responsible for names such as Alcoholic Faith Mission and Marybell Katastrophy. Furthermore the songs will be given away as a free download. The debut has been produced, recorded and mixed solely by the members themselves

Anchorless is playing their first appearance on Danish soil on the 13th of May on Drone and besides that the band will perform a number of shows in Denmark during the summer. In the fall the band plans to embark on yet another and longer European tour, whilst preparing and planning the work for the band’s next release.

Anchorless is:
Jacob Ankær Johansen (Lack, The Fashion)
Jakob Reichert Nielsen (Lack)
Nikolaj Wichmann (The River Phoenix)
Henrik W. Hald (Trust, Rising)
Daniel Kruse (Gravy)
Jan “Damage” Petersen (Gravy, Little Jimmy Reeves)

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