Like their debut album, GRAVY's follow up "Glory To Our Brilliant Name" draws on various eras of rock music. GRAVY picks the best elements of the 1960's psychedelic sound and cleverly mix them with more cynical hybrids of contemporary alternative rock and hip hop beats.

The lyrics on the new album are honest and sincere and packed with irony creating a deeply personal, poetic universe. Sarcastic comments about the music industry, types of bands and individuals can be found on the album as well as references to the psychedelic hippie scene.

Citing musical influences such as garage, sing/songwriting, psychobilly, hip hop, extreme hardcore/heavy, soft pop and avant-garde and alternative rock, the six band members are as different musically as their geographic backgrounds. Growing up in different parts of Denmark, adhering to different musical styles, they all met up in the Danish capital, Copenhagen, their creative base, fuelled by the only thing that binds them together - their shared passion for music. This clash of impulses and musical styles creates the unique, individual, kaleidoscopic sound which has become GRAVY's trademark.

GRAVY is made up of front man and songwriter Nikolaj Grummesgaard (ex-Defectors, ex-Godless Wicked Creeps) and counts a line of equally prominent names from the Copenhagen underground scene Jan Damage (Violet Hour, Little Jimmy Reeves, synth, organ, vocal) - Anders Bo (A Kid Hereafter, Sygdom, ex-Traening, ex-Complete, guitar) - Jacob Blaabjerg Pedersen (Johnson & Malone, base) - Erik Toffer (drums) - Daniel Kruse (drums).

What strikes you the most about GRAVY is their all-pervading uncompromising, bold and defiant attitude. Gravy refuses to be dictated by charts and popular trends. They do not copy idols but draw on other musical styles and bands with respect and love. They do not dress up, act up or put on airs. Gravy is 100 % genuine and real.

11'th April 2007