Hands up, if you're bored of all the recent retro anankasms and crave for genuine pop music instead! Hands up, if you got time for the sort of music not dealing with elusive trends, music that does not lose itself in a theoretical discourse! Hands up, if you got time for music that wants to tell you stories (and that in case of doubt talks to you even instrumentally)!

Well, Jersey is new, though not unknown in the closely knit musical network spanning from Berlin to Munich. Jersey are Marion Gerth (ex Fred is Dead) and Florian Zimmer (ex Lali Puna, Saroos, Iso 68), Max Punktezahl (The Notwist, Contriva, Saroos) and Noel Rademacher (Singer/Songwriter-debut was released on Lok) & Andi Haberl (The Notwist, Masha Qrella).

Starting out as a project, Jersey has now become a proper band. A band that plays pointed pop songs in a silent, intimate way.

Songs that deal with everything indierock was and is famous for: longing, melancholy, silence, euphoria. Voluptuous guitars and polyphonic voices. And some electronic interferences, of course.

Jersey are refreshingly modern in an unpretentious way. Maybe it's because they don't have to prove anything to anyone.


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