Munck//Johnson is a Danish duo, consisting of singer Camilla Munck and musician Moogie Johnson.

They first met up in 1999 in the Danish Alt-Country act, Wynona, sweeping both the press and audience off their feet. Five years of playing and touring later they decided to explore what have come to be Munck//Johnson.

Munck//Johnson spent most of 2004 founding their own label, Laura Lee Records, writing and recording their debut. This album, 'Unlike You', was released in autumn, receiving spectacular reviews followed up by intimate concerts.

2005 led to the signing of Munck//Johnson to PonyRec, the re-release of the debut and touring outside of Denmark.

Later that summer Munck//Johnson started recording the second album. 'Count Your Blessings' was released on Danish ground in February 2006. Once again the minimalistic universe of Munck//Johnson conquered the hearts of all listeners.

Munck//Johnson will for the rest of this year mainly be focusing on the European release of 'Count Your Blessings'.

30th July 2006

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